Microsoft Stream transcript VTT file cleaner

Microsoft Stream automatically generates a WebVTT file from what was spoken in a video and uses it for a video's transcript and closed captions.
At times you may want to get a copy of a video's transcript without any time codes, metadata, and extra lines. This utility will extract the transcript text from downloaded VTT files generated by Microsoft Stream allowing you to copy and paste the text elsewhere.
Tool last updated: 01/03/2020


  1. As an owner of a video in Microsoft Stream, go to the Update video details screen
  2. On the details page for the video in Microsoft Stream, in the Options section, under Captions, click Download file
  3. Come back to this this transcript cleaner tool, click Choose Files
  4. Pick the VTT file(s) you downloaded from Microsoft Stream
  5. The transcript portion of the VTT file(s) selected will be output below
  6. click the Copy transcript button above a transcript to copy it to the clipboard

Select the transcript VTT files to clean